Open Government Dialogue


In order to inform the path forward for open government in Newfoundland and Labrador, government implemented a comprehensive public engagement process, so that together, we co-created the Open Government Action Plan. This plan is based on the ideas and priorities of the people of the province.

We used online tools including social media and feedback forms, as well as in-person activities like face-to-face meetings and interactive sessions, in order to ensure that we understood what people expected of open government. Throughout this process, we reported back to you in a timely manner on the information gathered, and on any issues identified.

Below, you will find of a review of the process we followed to develop the Open Government Action Plan in collaboration with Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Newfoundland and Labrador's Open Government Public Engagement Plan

Phase 1: Scope and Seek

We reinforced our commitment to Open Government by immediately launching our public engagement activities after the launch of the Open Government Initiative in 2014. During this phase, we used various methods to seek key ideas from you. We identified the information of greatest value and the issues of most importance to the people of the province. We then committed to sharing the input we received in a timely manner.


Phase 2: Digging Deeper

During this phase, we conducted a detailed dialogue on themes identified in Phase 1. We undertook more targeted public engagement activities and completed further analysis of the feedback we received. We also prepared and released a "What we Heard" document and sought further input from residents. Throughout the process, we committed to implementing new ideas and suggestions, where possible.


Phase 3: Reflect and Validate

We have taken the findings and proposed actions and released a draft Action Plan. We are now seeking further input from the public before we finalize the plan.


Phase 4: Moving Forward

With your help, we will finalize and release Newfoundland and Labrador's first Open Government Action Plan, begin implementing initiatives, and share our process for monitoring and evaluating progress on achieving commitments.