Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is open information?

    Open information is the proactive release of government information, records and reports. We want to make information readily available and accessible, without a requirement for a formal access to information request. It also refers to the online posting of departmental responses to general access to information requests. Open information enhances transparency and accountability and allows you to have a better understanding of how Government works, and how you can contribute in more meaningful ways to the decision-making processes.

  2. How will ATIPPA be affected by open information activities?

    ATIPPA is not meant to replace other ways of accessing information. We are always identifying new opportunities to provide more information to the public. Before making a formal request under ATIPPA, you may wish to try other informal ways to obtain the records you are looking for by contacting the Department or Agency you believe has the records. Often, you can get the information you want informally, without making a formal access to information request.

    ATIPPA will continue to be used as the legal means of providing the public with the right to access information held by government departments and public bodies. You will continue to have the right to formally request access to information under ATIPPA. All responses to general access requests provided by government departments are posted online Opens in new window.

    For information on making a formal access to information request, visit the ATIPP Office website Opens in new window.

  3. Can I make suggestions on information that should be made public?

    Yes. If you know of information you would like us to consider making public, let us know, Have Your Say. We are also reaching out to people across the province to seek input on specific information we should consider making public. Based on this input we will determine which information is of most interest to residents and develop a plan to make it available, where possible


  4. Will all information suggested for public disclosure be posted online?

    We will review all ideas we receive and let you know as soon as possible if the information can be made available.

  5. How often will the Open Information webpage be updated?

    The page is updated regularly. As soon as a department releases information or upon the decision to release government-wide information, a link is added to the Open Information webpage.

    Responses to completed access to information requests are posted on the Open Information webpage either 72 hours after the response is provided to the applicant electronically or in person, or five business days after the records are mailed to the applicant.